Ramtara stove comprises of 4 Basic functional units
1) Stove
2) Solar Panel.
3) Control Panel (SMF).
4) LED Light
THE STOVE: The Stove is made of Stainless steel which makes it easy for cleaning. There is separate removable compartment to place and burn the Biomass pellets, viz. the Combustion Chamber. Injection of air by built-in fan propels complete combustion.

SOLAR PANEL: The solar panel utilizes solar energy for charging battery. It converts solar energy & stores it in the attached battery for the future usage. The frequent power-cuts & scarcity of electricity planted the thought of utilizing solar panels to charge the battery making it non dependent on electricity.

CONTROL PANEL (SMF): It houses an Intelligent Auto Selector Circuit, Transformer, Switches & Battery. The SMF is used to store the energy and is very efficient. The stored energy in the battery is used to propel the fan in the Stove and for illuminating the LED light.

LED LIGHT: The attached LED light helps in illuminating the surrounding during night time or in the dark room, making the cooking procedure easy. Also it can be utilized to illuminate the premises during the nights or power cuts.
The entire setup is very user friendly and is available as ready to use setup.


Cooking is one of the most time consuming activity of a home maker. Ramtara stove is aimed to bring revolution in their cooking experience. Ramtara stove is Emission Free & Eco Friendly which will not emit any harmful smoke leading to protection from many respiratory & skin diseases. Moreover, cooking on Ramtara stove will generate more savings for the user as the stove is highly efficient, and the Biomass- Pellets which are used as fuel are having high calorific value. All in all it's an elevated Cooking experience with more benefits.

Ramtara stove will not only change the cooking experience but it will help in Uplifting the Personal, Social & Economical status. It's your turn to think about the nature and to think about your savings.